PROJECt leader / writer / stuff design / performed as the head assistant

Two lifelong friends take a weekend camping trip to hang out, catch up, and escape the current shittiness of their lives. But they miss their bus home. So they wait for the next one. But bad things start happening. Scary things. Inexplicable things. Someone has found the friends. Someone wants to play. But it's cool, because they've got each other's backs, right?

.... Right?

A story about betrayal, being stuck outside, the stuff that destroys friendships, and the secrets we keep in our backpacks. Made with RPG techniques, a pair of dice, and lots and lots of horror movies, particularly The Blair Witch Project, Cabin in the Woods, and The Ring.

Don't cry. Don't scream. Just play.

Devised by Taylor Edelhart with Jessy Yates as Imogen, James Johnston as Roland, and Lindsey White as Hollis. Scenic design by Angelica Nicholas, lighting design by Elizabeth M Stewart, costume design by Emma Dolhai and sound design by Dan Rider. Mentorship by Max Reuben. Project managed by Isaiah Christian Price. Photos by Emma Dolhai.

Originally Produced at The Robert Moss Theatre/440 Lafayette Street by Playwrights Horizons Theatre School's Devised Theatre Program, April 8-10 2015.


Director / Text Builder / Space Design / Blood Design / Performed as The Cougher

 In the future, seven people are on a train in Detroit. Then one of them starts coughing and the train crashes. Then they wake up in a small room with no windows and no door. Only The Cougher is gone. And three of the people in the room are performers. And three of the people in the room are YOU.

 A Future Horror Thriller for Four Actors and Three Different Audience Participants Each Show.

Devised by the Original Team: Taylor Edelhart (see above), Rachel Daugherty (performer/The Blue Life Employee), Hunter Goetz (performer/The Train Technician), Remi Moses (performer/The Woman In The Leather Jacket), Dan Rider (sound design), Ryan Courtney (lighting design), Eh-den Perlove (props design), Cassidy Graves (associate writer), Barrett Law and Mamie Zwettler (project managers), and David McGee (project mentor). Photos by Alexa Gitlin.

Originally Produced at The Studio Theatre/721 Broadway by Playwrights Horizons Theatre School's Devised Theatre Program, Nov. 14-16 2013.


Director / Text Builder / Project Designer / Performed as The Devil

A man with no words sells his soul to The Devil, becomes a brilliant writer, and then asks for his soul back.

A Pantomime

Devised by Taylor Edelhart in collaboration with Jordan Baum and Ryan Szelong. 

Originally Produced at The Robert Moss Theatre by Playwrights Horizons Theatre School's Devised Theatre Program, May 12 2013.