SWIFT (Or miss ohio)


Hi I'm Taylor and this is a story about me and the famous Taylor and the dead Taylor and the time traveler who said he was named Taylor but maybe isn't and the actual famous Taylor that Taylor lives in Ohio I do too but I also live in New York in the past and I start the story because I wake up in the past because I'm in Taylor Swift's body and have to figure out how to get mine back because it's mine right?  also what year is it also


which one of me are you again?

A story about guns, gender, time travel, and what it means to be a person.

(Or several people???)

Written and performed by Taylor Edelhart. Lighting design by Elizabeth M Stewart. Sound design by Dan Rider. 

Originally Produced at Chinatown Soup, May 26-28 2017



MOUSE is the story of an android whose life is ruined by a mouse entering their apartment. It's also a story about dystopia, hyper-capitalism, routine, and how we humans project our problems onto the technology we create in our image. How wrong would things have to go for your life to be over?

Written and performed by Taylor Edelhart. Directed by Bryn Herdrich. Scenic design by You-Shin Chen. Lighting design by Elizabeth M Stewart. Costume and Poster design by Rhys Roffey. Sound design by Dan Rider. Projection design by Jaye Hunt, assisted by Neo Cihi. Featuring Clara Swan-Streepy.

Originally Produced as part of The Brick's Trans Theatre Festival, June 2016.

Grandpa sonata


Once upon a time there was a man named Marvin Edelhart. Marvin was an accountant who loved playing bridge and his family. Marvin also had catatonic schizophrenia, which caused him to lead a very weird, very short, very sad life. Marvin is my grandfather. I want you to meet him.

A solo performance about insanity, memory, and the people who take care of us when we're sick, all told through a deck of playing cards.

marvin says hello

Devised by Taylor Edelhart. Directed by Jess Katz. Lighting design by Elizabeth M Stewart. Photos by Nikki Vega.

Originally Produced at The Alchemical Theater, 104 W 14th Street, NYC 10011, November 5-7 2015.


WRiter / performeD AS tHE CLOWN / PROJECt leader / set design / stuff design / costume design

This is a clown. This is a clown who can't die for some reason. Like not at all. Like not even a little bit. Come watch the clown not die! Come watch the clown live a life in the process! Or try to, anyway. He hasn't quite gotten the hang of it. But still, he cannot die. Not now, anyway. Not yet.

A story about what happens when life refuses to let go of you.

Devised by Taylor Edelhart with Jana Miley, Deborah Trotchine, and Katie Ingram as The Universe and Bryan Austermann as The Nurse. Sound design by Dan Rider, lighting design by Katie Ingram, Universe Costume design by Keara Benton. Directorial Support by Chloe Treat (also co-set design) and Joshua Gelb. Mentorship by Lee Sunday Evans. Project managed by Alisha Litman-Zelle. Photos by Nikki Vega.

Originally Produced at The Studio Theatre/721 Broadway by Playwrights Horizons Theatre School's Devised Theatre Program, Dec. 4-6 2014.